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RECIPE ~ Pizza Carbonara

It’s pizza time again! Once again, I’ve pulled out the magical pizza pan, aka the pizza screen, and whipped together a pizza. Homemade pizza dough (here are some recipes) or get the fresh pizza dough from Whole Foods, it’s the best About 2 tbsps. extra virgin olive oil 3 – 4 large cloves of garlic, […]

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RECIPE ~ Margherita Pizza

It’s pizza time again! Here is an easy recipe for margherita pizza, which is pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and olive oil. It’s simple and delicious! Pizza dough – homemade (here are some recipes) or if you are buying fresh dough from the store, go with Whole Foods’ fresh dough One eight-ounce container mozzarella fresca […]

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RECIPE ~ Rustic White Pizza

Once again, I tried making my own pizza dough. It was the best one yet. I followed Giada de Laurentiis’ basic pizza dough recipe. At first, it didn’t seem to rise. It was getting late, so I panicked and made another batch. I ended up with tons of extra dough, so I sealed it in […]

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