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RECIPE ~ Colorado Crumble-Top Apple Pie

Sam and I went to breakfast with Tom and Dale after a very early morning of hiking the Ralston Creek Trail in Arvada, Colo. On the way home from breakfast, we passed a farm with a sign out front:  Free Apples – You Pick ‘Em. So we pulled in and got a bunch of light […]

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RECIPE ~ Meringue Cups

Meringue cups are a great, lighter alternative for dessert. They are so easy to make. You don’t even need a pastry bag; you can just use a large Ziplock  to pipe them onto a pan. It’s hard to believe how few ingredients are required: 1 cup egg whites Pinch salt 2 cups sugar Set the […]

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RECIPE ~ Light Eggnog

I enjoy eggnog but don’t like it when it’s heavy and high in calories. Sam doesn’t like eggnog but he really liked this recipe! Serving size This recipe will serve about two people Ingredients 2 room temperature eggs plus 1 egg yolk 1 1/2 cups 1% milk plus 1/2 cup very cold 1% milk 1 […]

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RECIPE ~ Banana Bread

One of my favorite dessert breads is banana bread. I remember my mom making banana bread a lot growing up. This could be that she didn’t want to waste aging bananas, which I’m sure we always had around. Or perhaps it was that banana bread was a 1970s food fad. If it was, and I […]

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